Do you Have an ADU or residential Project with Septic?

Our team has experience in Southern California handling OWTS (Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems)

Determine Feasibility

    • We determine if your property allows for additional capacity with standard or advanced treatment systems.
    • Research with county records of existing system.
    • Confirm the existing system location and condition.

Design New System

    • Develop preliminary OWTS layout for your preliminary floor plan and site plan (provided by you).
    • Percolation testing report to determine system type, sizing, and location of system; leach field, seepage pit, or advanced treatment.

    • Develop final drawings for new system.

    • Obtain OWTS plan approval from Environmental Health Department.

    • Aquire bids from C42-contractor for OWTS installation.

Proceed with Building Plans & Construction

    • Upon approval of OWTS, continue development of building construction plans.

    • Upon approval of Building Construction plans, commence work on OWTS installation and project construction