Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located and what areas served?

We are located at 4438 Ingraham St, San Diego, CA 92109.

We service the county of San Diego.

What is your license type and number?

Our B-General Building License Number is #759878

What do you build?

Residential ADUs, Additions, Remodels, and Ground-up Construction.

Multi-Unit Residential Construction

Commercial, Tenant Improvements, Restaurants and more!

How much will it cost?

Residential ground-up construction typically range $300-$500 per square foot.

Remodels and tenant improvements without structural work typically start at $80 per square foot.

Structural changes for tenant improvement, remodels, additions, and all construction projects can vary widely, please schedule a call so we can discuss your project further.

We will need a set of construction drawings to provide final pricing for your project. However, we offer Design-Build and Pre-Construction services.

How long will it take?

Remodel: 2-4 months.

Tenant Improvement: 3-6 months.

Residential New Construction: 4-12 months.

*Timelines do not include design or permitting.
*All projects are unique and timelines depend on design complexity and existing conditions.

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What’s the process?

Schedule Call to discuss your project goals and expectations.

Builders Now will generate a scope of work and budget.

Together we’ll review and fine-tune scope+budget.

Create project schedule and begin work.

See the full process here.

Do you have employees? Are they on your payroll?

Our employees are primarily construction managers.

Work on-site is completed with specialized subcontractors with our direct supervision.


Are you hiring licensed subcontractors?

All subcontractors we use are licensed and insured.

Who will oversee the work each day?

Work is overseen by our construction managers and administrative staff.


Will you obtain the building permits and schedule inspections?

Builders Now will obtain permits and schedule all inspections.

What days and hours do you work?

Monday – Friday



If a workmanship issue occurs after the job is completed, will you fix it free of charge?

Unless otherwise required by law, the Project warranty includes a one-year fit-and-finish warranty on workmanship and installation methods for work performed by Builders Now.


The integration of JobTread in our process is not just about tech—it’s about valuing your time, ensuring clarity, and delivering a project experience as impeccable as the finished product. Welcome to the Builders Now journey, where every step is a leap towards perfection.