SB9 Lot Split Projects

California’s Senate Bill 9 allows homeowners to divide their single-family residential lot into two distinct lots and construct up to two additional housing units on each.

What is SB9?

Senate Bill 9 (SB9) is a significant piece of legislation passed in California aimed at addressing the state’s pressing housing shortage. This law grants homeowners the ability to subdivide their single-family residential lots into two separate parcels and permits the construction of up to two new dwellings on each subdivided lot.

By streamlining the process and reducing regulatory hurdles for lot splitting and the addition of housing units, SB9 opens up new opportunities for increasing the state’s residential capacity. It is designed to encourage the development of more affordable housing options within existing neighborhoods, making efficient use of land that was previously underutilized under single-family zoning restrictions.

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Importance and Relevance

The importance and relevance of SB9 are deeply felt across California’s diverse communities, particularly as the state confronts an unprecedented housing affordability crisis. By empowering homeowners to create additional living spaces on their properties, SB9 lays the groundwork for a more inclusive approach to housing. This is where Builders Now steps into the picture, working diligently to become San Diego’s leading figure in SB9 projects. Our mission is to harness the opportunities presented by SB9, guiding homeowners through the process of unlocking the potential of their properties. As SB9 paves the way for a democratized approach to property development, Builders Now is at the forefront, offering expertise and innovative solutions to effectively increase the housing stock.

Furthermore, SB9’s approach to urban densification aligns with our commitment to sustainable growth and environmental responsibility. By promoting the efficient use of existing urban land, we’re helping to reduce the need for new developments that encroach on open spaces, thereby aligning with California’s environmental goals. Builders Now is not just participating in the SB9 revolution; we’re leading the charge, aiming to transform neighborhoods into resilient, diverse communities while maintaining their unique character. Our goal is to ensure that SB9 becomes a tool for creating housing solutions that are accessible, sustainable, and enriching for the entire community. In doing so, Builders Now is playing a pivotal role in shaping a future where affordable, quality housing is within reach for more Californians, reinforcing our position as San Diego’s leader in SB9 projects.

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Explore The Guava SB9 Project by Builders Now: A pioneering housing development in La Mesa that redefines community living while utilizing the new SB9 legislation. Setting new standards for San Diego’s construction scene.

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Case Study

The Guava SB9

Customer: Homeowner in La Mesa, San Diego

Company: Builders Now Inc.

Industry: Construction and Housing Development

Buyer Persona: Homeowners and investors seeking innovative property development in San Diego’s evolving housing market.

The Story of GUAVA SB9

Three years ago, Builders Now emerged as a collective of visionary general contractors eager to infuse cutting-edge technology into the age-old construction industry. The introduction of SB9 into the housing landscape of San Diego provided an unprecedented opportunity for innovation. The Guava SB9 project became our flagship initiative, transforming a single-family lot into a multi-unit haven that promised both community and privacy within the bustling city of La Mesa.

The Guava SB9 project faced its share of puzzles. We had to decode SB9’s brand-new rules, all while figuring out how to transform one lot into a community without losing that cozy neighborhood feel. Plus, we needed to ensure our plan was solid from a legal standpoint and would meet the approval of city planners.

In true Builders Now fashion, we responded with gusto. Diving head-first into research and surrounding ourselves with experts, we unpacked every detail of SB9 to ensure our project was both innovative and compliant. Design sessions turned into brainstorming marathons, where functionality met aesthetics, ensuring every inch of the Guava project was thoughtfully planned.

The fruit of our labor? The Guava SB9 project stands as a testament to what’s possible with a bit of ingenuity and a lot of determination. Not only did we manage to double the living space on the property, but we also laid the groundwork for a vibrant, interconnected community. And when the city of La Mesa gave us the thumbs up, it was clear that we had not just built homes, but we had also built a model for future SB9 developments to follow.

Why Builders Now?

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Legal Landscape: SB9 was new territory. Its interpretations were varied, and case studies were non-existent.

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Design Constraints: The goal was to create four unique living spaces where there was only one before, without sacrificing the individual character and privacy of each unit.

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Regulatory Navigation: Engaging with local authorities in La Mesa to navigate a maze of zoning laws that had not yet been adapted to the SB9 framework.


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In-Depth Research and Expert Collaboration: The team got deep into the details of SB9, figuring out its complex parts to really understand the rules of dividing up the property.

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Creative Architectural Solutions: Working closely with architectural partners, Builders Now designed homes that were efficient, sustainable, and tailored to the needs of modern San Diegans.

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Open Dialogue with Authorities: Regular meetings with La Mesa's planning department ensured that the project not only met but also furthered the intentions of SB9, even as the regulations continued to evolve.


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Pioneering Success: The Guava SB9 will be one of the first successfully completed SB9 projects in La Mesa, inspiring similar ventures.

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Community and Connectivity: The new units offered a sense of community while providing individual homeowners the chance to thrive in a booming part of the city.

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Efficiency in Approval: Through diligence and collaboration, Builders Now achieved project approval in half a year, a testament to our thorough preparation and the power of partnership.


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