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Welcome to Builders Now, where our love for building meets the unique essence of Normal Heights. We’ve adapted our services to align with Normal Heights’ unique environment, focusing on SB9 projects, ADUs, renovations, and building new homes. We’re dedicated to turning your property visions into reality, adding that unmistakable Normal Heights touch.

In Normal Heights, a neighborhood known for its artistic flair and vibrant community life, the SB9 legislation opens new possibilities. At Builders Now, we specialize in guiding homeowners through lot splitting and the creation of additional units. Our deep knowledge of Normal Heights’ specific rules positions us as your premier partner in increasing your property’s value and aiding the city’s housing efforts

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Construction in progress on a new accessory dwelling unit (ADU) by Builders Now in San Diego, showcasing the wooden frame structure.

normal heights custom adus

Homeowners have a fantastic opportunity to boost their property’s value and functionality with Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). Our ADU solutions, whether it’s adapting existing structures or creating new ones, are thoughtfully designed with Normal Heights’ unique architectural styles and community ethos in mind. Builders Now is dedicated to ensuring your ADU project meets local regulations and enhances the distinct character of your property and the vibrant neighborhood.

Home Remodeling in normal heights

Your home should be a reflection of your unique taste. From updating your kitchen to a complete home overhaul, Builders Now offers expert craftsmanship tailored to each project. We grasp the essence of Normal Heights’ lifestyle and design, ensuring our remodeling services are progressive and aligned with your vision and the area’s distinctive character.

Builders Now - Home remodeling
Luxurious San Diego home post-remodel with modern design illuminated at twilight.

Normal heights New Home construction

Beginning a new home construction journey in Normal Heights is an adventure! At Builders Now, we apply modern design principles and sustainable building to create homes that stand as lasting legacies. We’re focused on crafting spaces that embody the essence of Normal Heights, designed to match the lifestyle and dreams of those who call it home.

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If you’re in Normal Heights and considering an SB9 development, planning an ADU, dreaming of remodeling your home, or building anew, Builders Now is here to guide you. Let’s work together to enhance Normal Heights’ charm with quality construction that stands the test of time. Schedule a call with us today to learn more about how we can bring your construction project to life!

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