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Welcome to Builders Now, where our passion for construction meets Oceanside’s unique charm and community spirit. As part of our mission to serve the diverse needs of California, we’ve tailored our approach to fit Oceanside’s distinctive landscape. Specializing in SB9 projects, ADUs, home remodeling, and new home construction, we’re here to turn your property dreams into reality, with a local touch.

Oceanside, with its stunning coastal landscapes and vibrant urban growth, is an ideal locale for taking advantage of California’s SB9 legislation. Builders Now is at the forefront of this important law, assisting homeowners in the process of lot splitting and the addition of dwelling units. Our deep understanding of Oceanside’s specific regulations makes us your ideal partner for unlocking your property’s potential.

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Construction in progress on a new accessory dwelling unit (ADU) by Builders Now in San Diego, showcasing the wooden frame structure.

Oceanside custom adus

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) offer homeowners a chance to enhance their property’s value and functionality. Whether it’s remodeling an existing space or initiating a new construction, our ADU options are designed with Oceanside’s unique coastal environment and communal principles in mind. Builders Now is dedicated to ensuring your ADU project is in line with local codes while also amplifying the special character of your home and neighborhood.

Home Remodeling in oceanside

Your residence is your retreat, and in Oceanside, where the ocean’s tranquility and communal warmth thrive, customizing your living space is crucial. From revamping kitchens to comprehensive home overhauls, Builders Now employs a thoughtful strategy for every renovation project. Our extensive understanding of the city’s culture and aesthetic preferences allows us to offer remodeling solutions that are innovative and in sync with your vision and the city’s coastal charm.

Builders Now - Home remodeling
Luxurious San Diego home post-remodel with modern design illuminated at twilight.

oceanside New Home construction

Starting a new home construction is an exhilarating experience! Builders Now combines innovative design with sustainable construction methods to build homes that are not merely structures but lasting imprints. Our aim is to create living spaces that reflect the unique warmth of Oceanside and are designed to cater to the individual dreams and needs of its community members.

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If you’re in Oceanside and thinking about an SB9 development, considering an ADU, planning to remodel your home, or starting from scratch, Builders Now is your go-to guide. We’re eager to collaborate with you to amplify Oceanside’s coastal allure through durable, quality construction. Reach out for a consultation today to discover how we can realize your construction dreams.