Guava SB9 Multifamily Home

Quick Overview: The Guava SB9 project by Builders Now Inc. is a ground-breaking development in La Mesa, leveraging the innovative SB9 legislation to redefine multifamily living. Setting a new benchmark in the San Diego construction scene, this project is a flagship example of community-centric development that harmonizes communal living with individual privacy.

Key Features:

  • Pioneering Design: Multi-unit complex that maximizes both community interaction and personal space.
  • Legislation Leveraging: Utilizing SB9 to transform a single-family lot into a multi-unit property.
  • Community Focus: A blueprint for future developments, offering a template for community living within urban spaces.

Builders Now Impact: Transforming an underutilized lot into La Mesa’s first SB9 success, Builders Now showcases innovation with the Guava SB9 project. We delivered smart, cost-effective homes, setting new benchmarks for multifamily housing and affirming our commitment to excellence.

Video Walkthroughs

La Mesa Unit A

La Mesa Unit B